Welcome Back!

Welcome back! We’re sure we’re not alone in saying that it seems like FOREVER since we could enjoy a day out shopping for non-essential items! Working from the kitchen, zoom calls, home-schooling…it’s all gotten a little mundane and we’re ready to escape the house and start living again, albeit cautiously. Our non-essential stores such as […]

It’s Time For Ping Pong

Have you missed your Ping Pong? Or always wanted to give it a go? The Parlour will re-open on 12th April at Longton Exchange Shopping Centre! In conjunction Ping! And Table Tennis England, Ping Pong Parlours are ‘pop-up’ spaces (usually empty shop units), filled with table tennis tables to provide a fun, accessible venue for […]

New Fruitier In Town!

Get healthy with veggies! The days are now longer and our waistlines are generally bigger too, thanks to dark days and comfort-eating. It’s time to ditch the stodgy foods and treat our bodies to an infusion of vitamins and nutrients from crisp fresh salads and immunity-boosting veggies. Evidence shows there are significant health benefits to […]