Creative Space at Longton Exchange

Dave Hawkins - Creative Space
At the end of 2019 we welcomed a vibrant new creative space to Longton Exchange Shopping Centre.

The creative hub is the brainchild of Dave Hawkins who has spent almost two decades buying and selling vinyl records. On the wall he has created a mini gallery of unusual art work from album covers and prior to lockdown was staging regular record fairs in the space.

‘Our aim is to have a space where members of the community can be involved,’ said Dave.

‘People in Stoke on Trent are warm and sociable. We are aware of issues like mental health and loneliness and we want to provide somewhere for people to come along and take part in creative activities.

‘We are looking for people to run courses and welcome ideas from anyone who would like to be involved.’

When he get the chance to Dave attends record fairs around the country and has a passion for music, particularly jazz.

‘Originally it was men of a certain age who collected records but is it all generations and all sexes now,’ he said. ‘You can find someone at a record fair in their seventies talking to someone in their twenties about music.

‘If it is the right record on the right record player it has its own very particular warmth and quality of sound. There is also art involved. Certain labels are famous because of the photography and typography on the record sleeves.’

The new creative space has the backing of the shopping centre. Manager Yvonne Moulton said: ‘With customers becoming more confident to come and visit the centre we are delighted to continue support this creative space which has been a great addition to the centre and we look forward to seeing activities such as exhibitions, workshops and creative events returning as lockdown eases’.  

Creative Space will soon be re-opening the art studio and when they can will continue with their workshops in block printing, lino cutting, craft, poetry and drawing.  They also offers bespoke framing of music and film memorabilia.

Welcome back Dave!

For more information contact or telephone 07704 300304

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