De-clutter your life!

We hear this word so many times. De-clutter.

Declutter your wardrobe, declutter your garage, declutter your office bla, bla, bla.

Everyone seems to be doing it! What on earth is all the hype about with this decluttering anyway and why is it vitally important to your wellbeing?

We hang on to stuff because it means something or at one time it really did mean something and we can’t bear to part with it. This stuff includes:

  • old letters from (why do we keep these anyway?)
  • little trinkets from deceased Aunt Gertrude
  • cd’s, cassette tapes, records, etc. (even if we no longer have the player!)
  • those bags of clothes from when we were a size 0 because one day they will fit again
  • books and magazines that we’re never likely to re-read

Ok, so now that we’ve defined it in plain English, let’s have a look at the top five reasons why it is imperative you do this for your sanity.

  1. Negative energy – Most clutter happens to be in a room with the door closed so no one sees it. You know it’s there. Everyone in the house knows it’s there but no one speaks of it. It’s the taboo room. The spare room. Isn’t that why we have that extra room in the house anyway? Remember one very important thing. Everything has energy, either positive or negative. Which one would you like more of?
  2. Make room for opportunities. – We always want better things to flow into our lives but if your life is already clogged up with *stuff* there is no more room! For example, you would really love some new clients for your business but your desk is always full of papers and old files, there is no room for new clients!
  3. Move forward – Are you hanging onto to old letters from your ex John/Jane? A huge box of letters, cards, trinkets etc. Many boxes, many things. Why? Are you going to keep opening those boxes to reread all the old love letters?
  4. Make money! – Who doesn’t love or want more money? All that stuff you’ve got piling up in your spare room/garage/attic could turn into £££’s! Sell it! Whether you make enough to take a friend for dinner or even enough to take the family on holiday, the possibilities are endless.
  5. Find your inner peace! – You’ll be amazed at how cathartic the whole process can be. It’s like dusting the corners of your sub-conscious mind!

How to start? Set a time and date on your calendar, like you would a Doctor’s appointment and commit to it. When the day arrives, put on some music, grab  a cuppa and away you go.

If you get carried away, remember that Ryman have an amazing range of storage boxes and organisational solutions!

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