How to get a bikini body…!

Get a bikini and put it on your body!

It’s 2021, and we’ve well and truly got bigger things to be worrying about than what our wobbly bits look like at the pool.

We don’t have time for body shaming. No one should feel like they have to “balance their proportions” sculpt, minimise, conceal, or restrict their body for anyone else. But relationships with our bodies can be complicated and sometimes shopping for swimsuits can feel a little daunting.

Everyone should wear what makes them feel the most happy, confident, and truly themselves. But if you’re looking for a starting point for inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest styles that happen to look particularly brilliant on different body shapes, including bikinis, swimsuits, and modest swimwear.

Full coverage

You can still look glam with a full swimsuit!  Select’s palm print costume is ideal for larger busts and for covering a mum-tum.  Select, £7.99 Orange palm sunset swimsuit | Women’s Swimwear | Select (

Arm distractions

We love the Bardot look for clothing so why not on a bikini too? Pair with a cute pair of shorts and this bandeau doubles up as a top too!  Select £5.40 (top), Red Bardot Sleeve Bikini Top | Women’s Summer Tops | Select (

Sporty and racy in bright animal print…

We love the sport feel of this 2-piece which combines a square nicked halter with a more functional feel.

Perfect for smaller busts.  Select, £5.49 (top), £4.99 (brief) Snake Fluro Bind Brief | Swimming Suit | Select Fashion


If you prefer a little more coverage, why not consider a swimdress?  Lightweight enough for swimming but still cute and stylish! We love this frilled version from Bonmarché, £25.  Linear Leaf Frill Detail Swimdress (


For more inspiration, head to Select and Bonmarché at Longton Exchange and get ready to enjoy the sun!

Ps don’t forget your SPF!

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