Join the Celebration of Tradition and Community at Longton Exchange!

Excitement is bubbling at Longton Exchange as we gear up for something truly special. We have created our very own week dedicated to celebrating tradition, community, and supporting local businesses.

It’s our pleasure to introduce #NationalLobbyWeek, a delightful initiative aimed at shining a spotlight on our vibrant community while offering a tasty treat to help during those post-Christmas blues.

Some History.

What exactly is Lobby? Lobby is a traditional North Staffordshire stew. A hearty and flavoursome dish born out of necessity, enjoyed by generations. Dating back to the days of poorly paid potters who couldn’t afford freshly prepared meals daily, Lobby became a nutritious, economic meal made from seasonal vegetables, minced or diced beef or lamb, potatoes, onions, and other root vegetables, seasoned and perfected over time. Lobby is a dish that continues to grace local tables and pub menus still to this day.

Our Exciting Plan!

From Monday, 22nd of January to Saturday 27th of January Longton Exchange is bringing #NationalLobbyWeek to life. Together with Steve’s Butchers and MAW Fruit and Veg we’re crafting something delicious just for the community of Longton Exchange. Imagine walking through our vibrant centre and being handed delicious, flavoursome, hot Lobby! With the superior quality of MAW Fruit & Veg’s fresh vegetables alongside the succulent, tender meats from Steve’s Butchers, we’re thrilled to prepare this dish with a mouthwatering blend of flavours. We’re so excited to celebrate our community’s heritage and support local businesses and families.

How Can You Taste Our Delicious Lobby? 

Stop by our gazebo at Longton Exchange during the week and grab your free carton of Lobby. While you savour this delightful dish, pick up a recipe card featuring this traditional meal and discover how you can recreate it at home.


Be sure to mark your calendars for the 22nd to the 28th of January and be a part of this wonderful celebration at Longton Exchange. Let’s make history together, one delicious spoonful of Lobby at a time! #NationalLobbyWeek


Lobby Week Event T&C’s

  1. Children aged 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult over 18
  2. This event is free to attend.
  3. Lobby subject to availability.
  4. Longton Exchange Shopping Centre reserves the right to refuse entry.
  5. Longton Exchange Shopping Centre at its absolute discretion reserves the right at any time to cancel or amend events, activities, workshops, alter times, prices and services without notice.
  6. If the event is cancelled in its entirety, Longton Exchange Shopping Centre will use our reasonable endeavours to notify you as soon as reasonably possible.
  7. Admission to any event, activity or workshop is at your own risk. Longton Exchange Shopping Centre will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages or emotional distress sustained at or during or following the event, activity or workshop including damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles.
  8. Please note that CCTV, film cameras and photographers may be present. By entering Longton Exchange Shopping Centre, you consent to filming stills photography and sound recording and its use in distribution (commercial or otherwise) without any payment.
  9. If you experience any problems during the event, activity or workshop, please contact a member of Longton Exchange Shopping Centre staff, as it may not be possible to resolve issues after the event, activity or workshop.


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