Longton Exchange Welcomes Keep it Local, Boosting Support for Local Businesses and Artists

Longton Exchange is proud to welcome Keep it Local, a community-based organisation that supports local businesses and artists. Keep it Local was founded in 2021 by Andy and Laura, two local residents who are passionate about supporting the local economy and community.

Keep it Local has a variety of programs and initiatives that support its mission, including:

  • An online shop that showcases some of the best creative talent in the area.
  • Networking events that help both existing and new businesses extend their knowledge and to take their first step into business by collaboration and creating a community.
  • Pop-up shops that generate additional revenue for small artisan businesses and allows exposure to new geographical locations with no long term risk associated with a permanent retail location.
  • A community that offers local creative businesses guaranteed places at events plus discounted fees and commissions.

We are excited to have Keep it Local as a part of the Longton Exchange community and we look forward to working with them to support the local arts and culture scene.

Longton Exchangeโ€™s new Arts and Cultural Quarter is quickly becoming a hub for creativity and innovation. In addition to Keep it Local, the quarter is also home to โ€˜The Blockโ€™, a home for two artists. The quarter will also welcome the winner of the Win a Shop campaign that was being run, offering a small business a shop rent free for 12 months.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Longton Exchangeโ€™s Arts and Cultural Quarter. We believe that it has the potential to be a major asset to the local community and to help to revitalize the area.

To learn more about Keep it Local, please visit their website: https://www.keepitlocal21.com/

For more information about Keep it Local and its initiatives, please CLICK HERE

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