Mum and Daughter Open New Knitting Shop at Longton Exchange

It was 45 years ago when Sue Hayfield learnt how to knit. She was pregnant at the time and knitted a cardigan for her baby daughter Wendy. Now Sue and Wendy have opened a knitting shop together at Longton Exchange.

The family business, Twisted Yarns, has been popular with customers since it opened in November.

Inside there’s everything from wool in a variety of colours to knitting needles, cross stitch kits, buttons and scissors.

Sue, 62, who lives in Longton, also knits items for sale that she has knitted herself including baby hats and baby cardigans.

She enjoys knitting while she is watching television and has been knitting for most of her life. It was her mother who taught her how to knit. ‘I just like it,’ she said. ‘It’s interesting. It gives me something to do at night time.’

Sue is also happy to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs help with their knitting and to take orders from anyone who would her to knit a jumper or cardigan for them.

Her plans for 2021 include a ‘Knit & Natter’ group at the shop where people can meet and have a cup of tea while they are knitting.

‘People enjoy knitting, it’s coming back,’ she said. ‘Whereas before it was mainly older people who were knitting, the younger generation are starting to do it now. Young people have come in to buy wool, some have babies and they want to knit something for them, just like I did. I tell them to come back into the shop if they get stuck and I will help them.’

Longton Exchange Centre Manager Yvonne Moulton said: ‘We are delighted to welcome Twisted Yarns to Longton Exchange and to see how popular it has been with customers.’

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