Sew Very Pretty UK Launches first Brick and Mortar Store in The Quarter

Exciting News for Dog Lovers: Sew Very Pretty UK Opens a Brick and Mortar Store at Longton Exchange called So Very Dog!

Roll Up Dog Lovers

Are you a dog lover on the lookout for a new one stop dog shop for your furry friend? Well, we’ve got some fantastic news for you! The talented Etsy entrepreneur, Sew Very Pretty UK, is taking a giant leap from the virtual world to the physical realm. Its first-ever brick and mortar store is opening at Longton Exchange Shopping Centre.

So Very Dog will be the name above the door with natural treats, toys, beds, grooming products, accessories, wet and dry foods and a whole lot more waiting inside.

Who are Sew Very Pretty UK?

This incredible journey began back in 2019 when Sew Very Pretty UK first started crafting handmade dog accessories and offering them for sale on popular online platforms such as Etsy and eBay. With a passion for creativity and an eye for detail, their unique products soon gained attention from customers far and wide. With over 2,000 successful Etsy sales, numerous website and eBay transactions, and shipments to more than 20 countries, Sew Very Pretty UK quickly became a beloved brand in the pet accessory market.

Why Now?

But now, the story doesn’t end there. Thanks to the “Win a Shop” competition held at Longton Exchange Shopping Centre, Sew Very Pretty UK has been given a rare opportunity to open a physical store with no rent charges for a whole year! Among over 100 nominations, Sew Very Pretty UK stood out with its exceptional craftsmanship and a strong commitment to the local community. As a result, they were declared the winner, paving the way for this exciting new chapter – So Very Dog!


What does this mean for you? 

Well, it means you can now experience So Very Dog’s beautifully crafted accessories in person. Imagine being able to touch, feel, and see the quality of their work up close – it’s an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. From charming collars to stylish leashes and delightful pet bow ties, So Very Dog’s store will be a “One Stop Dog Shop” for your beloved furry companions.

Expanding the Arts and Culture Quarter

Moreover, this store opening is not just about serving customers; it’s also a testament to the growing support for local entrepreneurs and artists in the community. Longton Exchange Shopping Centre has been fostering an “Arts and Culture Quarter” by offering spaces to talented local artists and small businesses. So Very Dog’s arrival further adds to the diversity and vibrancy of this flourishing space, making it a go-to destination for anyone seeking unique and handcrafted creations.

When does it open?

So, are you ready to join the celebration? Mark your calendars for the grand opening on the 12th of August and be among the first to explore So Very Dog. Support this passionate brand and discover the perfect accessory that will make your furry friend look even more adorable!

See you there!


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