Urban Wilderness Studio

Visit the Urban Wilderness studio in Longton Exchange Shopping Centre to take part in creative activities that support wellbeing and mental health. Join in with artist-led workshops, with art and craft materials, digital equipment, refreshments and snacks provided. Weekly sessions are led by Laurel Gallagher (visual artist and qualified teacher), Isla Telford (published writer) and […]

Longton Exchange has appointed a new centre manager

Longton Exchange Shopping Centre welcomes a new Centre Manager. Chris Ward has joined as Centre Manager following on from his previous role at The Woolshops Shopping Centre in Halifax. Chris previously held roles across the North West including New Mersey Shopping Park and Belle Vale Shopping Centre before moving to Woolshops Shopping Centre in the […]

Ryman Activity Club

Are you looking for something different to keep everyone entertained on rainy days or something to help you to wind down after a busy day at work? Ryman Activity Club is full of great ideas, colouring sheets, crafts and games – there’s something for everyone, it’s not just for little ones. Choose from colouring sheets […]

Get more rewards with Superdrug!

If you haven’t already, check out the My Reward app where you can unlock rewards the more you shop – exclusively for Health & Beautycard members at Superdrug! How does it work? 1. Register. Become a Health & Beautycard member in-store at Longton Exchange. 2. Download the Superdrug app and tap My Card. 3. Shop. […]

Cricut. What is it?

You’ve probably heard about Cricut, especially if you follow Ryman Stationery on social media. But what is it and what can it do?   Cricut is an American brand of cutting plotters, or computer-controlled cutting machines, designed for home crafters. The machines are used for cutting paper, felt, vinyl, fabric and other materials such as […]

Gardening jobs for February

For February, we suggest planting garlic, sowing half-hardy annuals and putting up a nest box. It may still be chilly outdoors but there’s plenty to do to get ready for the spring ahead. It’s a good time to stock up on things you’ll need for sowing seeds, such as pots and labels. Put up a […]

Thinking of trying vegan?

Veganuary inspires and supports people all over the world to try vegan for January and beyond. Millions of people have already taken part. Will you join them? About 1 billion people around the world follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. The reasons include animal protection, the environment, and general health. A vegan diet is a […]

Are you considering the flu jab?

Should I get the flu jab every year? The best way to help protect yourself and others from flu is to have the flu jab every year. Over time, protection from the flu jab gradually decreases and flu strains can change, which means last year’s jab may not protect you from this year’s strains. There […]

Advent Calendars

Among the many traditions that have sprung up to accompany the Advent season over the years (wreaths, advent candles etc.), one of the simplest and most popular is the Advent calendar. Instead of strictly following the four-week Advent period, which can start anywhere from November 27 to December 3, an Advent calendar typically begins on […]

Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

The history of Bonfire Night Guy Fawkes Night, often called Bonfire or Firework Night, is an annual evening of fireworks and bonfires, loved by children and adults alike. It marks the failure of the Gunpowder Plot on November 5 1605, when a group of embittered Catholic conspirators planned to blow up parliament and kill the […]

Top 5 AW 21 trends that you’ll be wearing before Christmas!

Heavy-duty boots These boots are made for walking – or stomping. The boot of the season is aptly named stomper, and the chunkier the better. Spotted on the runways from Prada to Bottega Veneta, it’s the perfect accessory for all your AW looks – we’re not just talking jeans. Pair your Stompers with a floral […]

October Gardening!

October is a beautiful month of autumnal colours and first frosts. Crisp, blue-sky days are the perfect time to tidy up and cut back in the garden. If you grow fruit and veg, there’s still plenty to harvest and store for the cold winter months ahead. Here are some of the main jobs for the […]

New Art Installation!

Have you heard of Urban Wilderness? Urban Wilderness is an arts organisation founded in 2018 and embedded in Stoke-on-Trent. Their work is situated in hyper-local public spaces where their actions disrupt established narratives and re-imagine alternative futures. The organisation work intensively with artists and underserved groups to build meaningful relationships, share power and instigate change. […]

Ping Pong Parlour!

Always fancied trying a game of Ping Pong? Table tennis has been around for over 140 years and in that time a lot has changed since its humble beginnings being played in homes by the upper classes to now being played by millions of players in hundreds of countries all over the world. Table tennis […]

How Is Your Immune System Coping?

Your immune system is an important part of keeping your body healthy. As winter approaches and we try and dodge that dreaded cold weather, it can be a good time to think about how you can give your immune system that extra support. What is the immune system? The immune system is one of the […]

It’s Potteries Potions’ birthday!

It’s hard to believe that it’s a whole year since this treasure trove of official Harry Potter merch opened at Longton Exchange! To celebrate, we’re welcoming Falconry UK back to the centre for one day only on 2nd October. They have an extensive range of Birds of Prey including Vultures, Eagles, Falcons, Hawks, Kites & […]

Gratitude – how to happify your mind!

Many of us probably think of gratitude as ‘thinking ourselves lucky’ as there’s ‘always someone worse off’… But there’s much more to it! How often do you really count your blessings? Actually practicing gratitude can be a game-changer: it has far reaching effects, from improving our mental health to boosting our relationships with others. Living […]

Holiday Season!

Time to escape? The past 18 months has certainly been a trying time and many of us are desperate for a break. Ever-changing quarantine rules, traffic light systems, the minefield of testing requirements…where do you even start trying to plan a getaway? In the event that a UK staycation doesn’t cut it for you, we’ve […]

How to stay safe in the sun

As we emerge from national restrictions and start to look forward to the summer months, it’s important to make sure we stay sun-safe! Not just abroad – UV rays are just asharmful in the UK! Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK and rates continue to rise. At least 100,000 […]

De-clutter your life!

We hear this word so many times. De-clutter. Declutter your wardrobe, declutter your garage, declutter your office bla, bla, bla. Everyone seems to be doing it! What on earth is all the hype about with this decluttering anyway and why is it vitally important to your wellbeing? We hang on to stuff because it means […]

How to get a bikini body…!

Get a bikini and put it on your body! It’s 2021, and we’ve well and truly got bigger things to be worrying about than what our wobbly bits look like at the pool. We don’t have time for body shaming. No one should feel like they have to “balance their proportions” sculpt, minimise, conceal, or […]

Here are some simple little-known hacks to make your summer BBQs really stand out!  Ice makes your burger even better Simply placing ice chips in a dimple in the middle of your burger will stop the patty from drying out and losing the wonderful meaty juiciness of the burger. Even better, add a pat of […]

Blooming and Blossoming!

The longest day of the year falls on June 20th, bringing warmer temperatures and extra sunlight. Flowers are blossoming, there’s lots to harvest in the vegetable garden, and keeping on top of bolting plants is a priority — particularly weeds! There’s plenty to keep you busy in the garden in June, but also plenty to […]

Wizarding World Quiz Time!

Get the whole family together for a quiz night and test your knowledge on the wizarding world of Harry Potter! This super tricky Harry Potter quiz will sort the Hufflepuffs from the Ravenclaws with 25 questions you’ll only get if you really love magic. Get your parchment and quills ready! Scroll down for the answers […]


Having a sun-kissed glow can boost confidence and even make us look more streamlined! If you’ve ever had a tanning disaster, you’ll know that it’s important to exercise caution when applying. Here are some top tips to help you glow with confidence. Exfoliate everywhere you want to tan No one goes into a fake tanning […]

May’s Arrived!

It’s finally spring and we’re welcoming May with open arms! Warmer weather, socialising again with friends and family…we can hopefully put our woes behind us and look forward to a brighter season. Are you superstitious? Here are some fun and even obscure superstitions for May! How many have you heard of? The Anglo-Sаxоn word for […]

Welcome Back!

Welcome back! We’re sure we’re not alone in saying that it seems like FOREVER since we could enjoy a day out shopping for non-essential items! Working from the kitchen, zoom calls, home-schooling…it’s all gotten a little mundane and we’re ready to escape the house and start living again, albeit cautiously. Our non-essential stores such as […]

It’s Time For Ping Pong

Have you missed your Ping Pong? Or always wanted to give it a go? The Parlour will re-open on 12th April at Longton Exchange Shopping Centre! In conjunction Ping! And Table Tennis England, Ping Pong Parlours are ‘pop-up’ spaces (usually empty shop units), filled with table tennis tables to provide a fun, accessible venue for […]

New Fruitier In Town!

Get healthy with veggies! The days are now longer and our waistlines are generally bigger too, thanks to dark days and comfort-eating. It’s time to ditch the stodgy foods and treat our bodies to an infusion of vitamins and nutrients from crisp fresh salads and immunity-boosting veggies. Evidence shows there are significant health benefits to […]

Coming Out Of Lockdown

Post-lockdown anxiety? You’re not alone. As lockdown restrictions begin to ease in the UK, you might be looking forward to having a little bit of normality and routine back in your life. But you might also be feeling anxious about adjusting to life post-lockdown. Many people have reported feeling nervous about returning to work or […]

It’s almost Easter, but what does the Easter Bunny have to do with it?

Our Easter celebrations often go hand-in-hand with the Easter Bunny. Little ones look forward to classic egg hunts when they can fill their Easter baskets, or awaken early to see what kinds of chocolate treats and gifts the mythical creature has left at their home overnight! It’s probably the one day of the year when […]

The Magic Is Still Alive At Potteries Potions

Are you a fan of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts? Potteries Potions first joined the retail line-up at Longton Exchange last year! This magical shop is well worth a visit whether you’re a Potter-head or not… Everyone who works at Potteries Potions is a family member or friend and all believe in the wonder and […]

How To Cook Steak Like A Pro!

Here’s a really easy way to cook steak that really makes the most of a good steak from Steve’s Quality Meats. Basting with garlic-thyme infused butter as the steak is cooking adds flavour and luxury to the steak. You’ll feel like a total pro cooking it and it will rival a night out at your […]

A Guide To Healthy Eating

How to have a happy and healthy immune system Our immune system is a wonderful thing, made up of cells, tissues and organs that all work together to help keep our bodies in tip-top condition. It’s the body’s defence against illness and infection, and works by destroying any unfamiliar cells such as viruses and bacteria. […]

A Taste of Russia

A taste of Russia has arrived at Longton Exchange Shopping Centre. Olga’s and Annie’s Convenience has opened its doors selling food from Russia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The convenience store sells everything from smoked fish and dried fish to bread, cakes, drinks, alcohol, sausages, crisps and sweets. The family business is run by 52 years-old Olga […]

Mum and Daughter Open New Knitting Shop at Longton Exchange

It was 45 years ago when Sue Hayfield learnt how to knit. She was pregnant at the time and knitted a cardigan for her baby daughter Wendy. Now Sue and Wendy have opened a knitting shop together at Longton Exchange. The family business, Twisted Yarns, has been popular with customers since it opened in November. […]

Family Run Wonderland Opens at Longton Exchange

A family run wonderland has opened its doors at Longton Exchange. Visitors are in for a treat at Butterflies Wonderland where the team aim to make sure everyone leaves with something lovely. It could be a handmade craft, a handcrafted gift, or just a magical memory that will keep them coming back for more, whatever […]

A Magical Start for New Harry Potter Shop

A new shop selling licensed Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts merchandise has had a magical time since it opened its doors at Longton Exchange Shopping Centre. On the first day alone hundreds of people visited the store and there was a queue from 8.30am. Customers have come from as far as Sheffield, Birmingham and Wales. […]

Donations pour in to Age UK charity shop

Donations pour in to Age UK charity shop - Longton Exchange

Age UK Staffordshire’s charity shop in Longton Exchange is welcoming customers back again. The shop reopened on June 15, following a period of closure due to Covid-19, with new temporary opening hours and social distancing. The new measures included a limit of four customer allowed into the shop at a time and shop displays arranged […]

Busy start for new butchers shop in Longton Exchange

Steves Quality Meats - Longton Exchange

Butcher Steve Osborne has had an overwhelming response from customers since he opened his new shop in Longton Exchange Shopping Centre. Steve’s Quality Meats opened in April. Steve, who has been a butcher since he was 15, runs it along with wife Paula. ‘I love dealing with the public, I love the banter,’ he said. […]

Welcome back

Welcome back - Longton Shopping Centre

We are delighted to announce that a number of shops have reopened at Longton Exchange following the easing of lockdown restrictions. Non-essential shops have been allowed to re-open again from Monday June 15. A major facelift at the centre, costing over £1 million, is also nearly complete. During lockdown essential stores at the centre remained […]

Starting Over For The New Polka Dot Travel Store

Manager Donna Jones and Assistant Manager Tara Saunders

At the beginning of 2020 Longton Exchange was happy to have welcomed the new Polka Dot Travel store, as we all know things took a drastic turn and Polka Dot Travel, along with a lot of other retailers, closed its doors.  Store manager Donna Jones became a homeworker travel agent still giving her support to […]

Creative Space at Longton Exchange

Dave Hawkins - Creative Space

At the end of 2019 we welcomed a vibrant new creative space to Longton Exchange Shopping Centre. The creative hub is the brainchild of Dave Hawkins who has spent almost two decades buying and selling vinyl records. On the wall he has created a mini gallery of unusual art work from album covers and prior […]